Mindfulness Programs

It is said that true peace comes from staying in the present moment. This is a skill that can be learned and used to improve concentration, communicate more effectively, and become more content. We offer mindfulness services because we truly believe in its effectiveness. 

Find Joy, Build Resilience

Mindfulness requires nothing but yourself. It can be practiced as part of a structured class or, once you learn how, can be spontaneously tapped throughout the day. Give your employees the chance to experience a new sense of calm with mindfulness programs that are easy to merge into your workplace. 

Our programs are offered in partnership with the Lehigh Valley Health Network Center for Mindfulness and include:

Introduction to Mindfulness. This free 45-60 minute introduction to mindfulness, formerly called Mindfulness on the Spot, can be taken as a single class or in a series. Presently, it is available on-line and also in-person by request. This is an excellent way to emphasize the importance of wellness in general, and to support a healthy work environment. Open to the community, LVHN colleagues, and Valley Preferred members and participants. Learn more.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn 45 years ago at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, this program is the foundation for all mindfulness-based programs and scientific research on mindfulness. The program takes place over eight weeks in 2 ½ hour classes and includes a half-day retreat. Participants are given support to develop their own daily mindfulness practice. Time is allocated to explore and communicate the benefits of mindfulness. A detailed manual is provided that includes background information, enrichment exercises, and resources for continued practice. Learn more.

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