Employee Assistance Program

Preferred EAP helps restore peace-of-mind for employees and employers alike. From conflict resolution and crisis intervention to individual counseling, we give you the support you need to create an emotionally healthy and psychologically safe workplace.

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

Your Lifeline to Addressing Employee Challenges

What We Do:

  • Counsel individuals, couples, and groups overwhelmed by life’s challenges and demands.

  • Coach managers worried by unusual employee behavior or struggling with personal goal achievement.

  • Provide educational workshops on topics pertinent to your workforce.

  • Offer mindfulness courses to assist employees with stress management.

  • Consult with organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical events.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Responsiveness and a full understanding of our role as a critical transition point on the path to improvement.
  • A highly personal approach to counseling for individuals, couples, and groups that’s completely confidential.
  • Training for managers that enables them to professionally handle concerns that might be affecting workplace performance.
  • Comprehensive critical incident management that encompasses consultation, response planning, crisis counseling, debriefing, and follow-up.
  • Immediate response to emergencies; we stay with you until the issue is resolved or referred to other appropriate providers.
  • A history of having counseled more than 30,000 individuals, couples, and families from more than 70 partner organizations.
A Need for Assistance

We understand the pressures employers face. We partner with you, applying proven interventions and clinical expertise to meet the challenges associated with the human side of doing business.

  • 51% of all employees accessing EAP report that their job performance has been affected by their personal problem.
  • 12.3 hours per month is the average lost time due to “troubled employees.”
  • 54% of lost hours are restored to productivity after EAP intervention.
Would you like to talk with an EAP Counselor?
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Upcoming Workshops

Webinar for DOR Training

Preferred EAP

DOT training

  • Thursday, June 06, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Virtual

DOT Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training: Do you work in an industry that is regulated by the Department of Transportation? Do you supervise CDL drivers? The DOT requires that supervisors complete 60 minutes of training in the signs/symptoms of alcohol abuse and 60 minutes of training in the signs/symptoms of drug use. Join Preferred EAP’s counselors, Jenny Reilly, LPC, CAADC, and Tania Scriff, LPC, CADC as they review this pertinent information along with reasonable suspicion guidelines and what to do if you suspect an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This 2 hour training will give you the information you need to ensure safety for your workplace and the public.

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