Pop Health Hub

Join us as we delve into hot health care topics that impact employers. They include population health management, direct-to-provider contracting, and how employee wellness can benefit businesses.  

Kevin talks about his health coaching journey

Sarah, BeneFIT's Manager of Health Education and Wellness, talks with Kevin, a health coaching participant, and his health coach Catie, BeneFIT's Health Coaching Program Specialist, about how they created a personalized and sustainable path to wellness.

Bob Knauss talks with insurance expert Zach Jones

How are employers coping with the rising costs of employee health care? What alternatives are they exploring? And what are the advantages of going direct to providers to satisfy their needs?

David Nash, MD, MBA, discusses direct health care contracting.

With both a clinical and business perspective, Dr. Nash lays out the role direct contracting can play in a more flexible, cost-controlled future.