EAP Counseling

We advocate in the best interests of both employers and employees. Preferred EAP offers a suite of workplace-specialized interventions customized to meet your unique needs.

We're Here to Listen

EAP counseling includes both in-person and virtual counseling and coaching for a wide array of personal or work-related problems. We can help with anything from stress or anxiety to concerns that turn a bad day into a bad week.

A Focus on Employee Well-Being

The chance of anyone moving through life without some sort of emotional problem is probably zero. But when distress becomes the norm, there's no reason to go it alone. Preferred EAP provides your employees with professional, confidential, cost-free counseling to resolve almost any challenge. Our personal attention ensures people stay with it and get better.

Our counseling services are:

  • Confidential. No one - not family or employer - gets any information about anyone’s use of our services without the employee's consent.
  • Professional. All our counselors are masters-level, seasoned clinicians.
  • Readily available. Most appointments are offered within 3 days or the same day for urgent matters. We offer day and evening appointments.
  • Accessible. We are conveniently located. Out-of-area employees have access to our national provider network for in-person counseling.
  • No cost to the employee. All services offered are entirely funded by the employer.
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Assessment and Counseling

The first counseling session will focus on understanding the person's concerns and determining the best way to address them. We'll talk about the problem you’re experiencing, what you want to accomplish, and create a mutually-agreed-upon plan. Several counseling sessions will follow. If needed, we'll offer a referral for continued, additional services. We'll assist you in making that decision and work to ensure coverage by your health plan.

Stress Management

Did you know how you view stress impacts the way it affects you? Those who see stress as a surmountable challenge tend to experience far fewer stress related ailments. Research has shown that simply talking with a counselor can help you feel less burdened and more able to cope. Our counselors can assist with finding new ways to see and manage life's difficulties. 

Phone Counseling

If you cannot commute to and from our offices or find the time for in-office appointments, you can schedule phone counseling sessions instead. While we still want to meet with you in-person for the first session; subsequent meetings can be accomplished via phone. Please discuss this option with your EAP counselor.

What Our Clients Say

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"Preferred EAP consistently meets our expectations, engaging associates in maintaining their well-being and resolving personal and professional challenges."

Gregg Holland, Benefits Manager / HR Business Partner, Just Born Quality Confections

Preferred EAP Counselors

Licensed professional counselors provide support, understanding, and compassion to help employees work through concerns. See their credentials and experience here.

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