Crisis Support

The sudden death of a colleague, work accidents, violence, and downsizing all qualify as critical incidents. Chaos often follows with employees unable to get through the day if you don’t apply an organized, professional response. This is where we come in.

We Help You Heal

The corporate-wide visibility of these events coupled with their sensitive nature and unpredictability demand specialized resources for resilience and to mitigate long-term effects. Whatever the situation, our crisis support is about the compassion and practical steps needed to ease the situation and put your workplace on a course back to “normal.”

Preferred EAP’s planned and timely crisis support includes:

  • Corporate consultation and response planning
  • Large group crisis management briefing
  • One-to-one crisis counseling
  • Small group defusing sessions
  • Formal critical incident debriefing sessions
  • Individual and group follow-up
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What Our Clients Say

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“An employee, who had been with our company for more than 30 years, collapsed and died while at work.  EAP provided fast, on-the-spot assistance to the many people affected by this incident.”

– Patrick Grogan, Norwescap Chief Operations Officer (now retired)

EAP for Real Life

Norwescap benefitted by EAP's fast, on-the-spot assistance in response to a crisis. Learn about the many ways EAP has provided support and helped with retention of employees.

Learn how EAP crisis support can provide fast, on-the-spot assistance.